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The American Montessori Leadership Academy (A.M.L.A.)


This is a Montessori Early Childhood program for children ages 3-9 years old.

The American Montessori Leadership Academy is located within the compound of The Freetown Secondary School for Girls (FSSG) by the Hannah Benka-Coker Street entrance.  A.M.L.A. is a project of LEAD Africa Inc.


Every child deserves a strong start and the best chance for a successful future. But too many children in Sierra Leone. are not getting the opportunity to reach their full potential.


We believe that all children, regardless of ethnicity, economic, or social circumstance, can and should succeed in school, and ultimately in life, when given a strong foundation during the first nine years of life. Furthermore, our vision is to expose these students to life experiences that will enable them to contribute in building a better society by learning and developing life skills, leadership skills and character traits.


We offer the finest collection of hands-on, mind-on activities; a specifically prepared learning environment and Montessori certified teachers in classrooms for children age three onwards. We stress the holistic development of each child: spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.


Pop-Up Libraries is one of the strategies that we employ to reach kids in their communities and engage them in developing a love for reading and learning. Pop Libraries brings learning opportunities to public space in our local communities. Using custom-designed installations, we pop up in parks, market places, and other public spaces to offer reading, drawing, and hands-on activities that let kids embrace the art of learning.


We strive to provide an enriched learning environment through the Montessori philosophy in an atmosphere based on Christian principles and character formation.


Our specific goals and objectives are as follows:

1.         To develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.

2.         To develop high self-esteem.

3.         To build concentration for lifelong study skills.

4.         To develop and foster an abiding curiosity.

5.         To develop initiative and persistence.

6.         To foster inner discipline and a sense of order.

7.         To develop sensory-motor skills in order to sharpen the ability to discern and make good judgment.

8.         To develop socially acceptable behavior.


We strongly encourage you to visit our school. You’ll enjoy spending time with the children and have a firsthand experience in a Montessori environment.



Ms. Joyce Osman

Co-founder AMLA

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